Eva Árnadóttir about email draw
An Illustrative Collaboration, 2016
When Drunk is an experimental physical publication about danish drinking culture. It explores how to work with illustration as a group. The material was generated in different workshops, centered around drawing methods and materials. The material from the workshops was used to make ‘Snackpacks’. Small prints, tactile material and original drawings put together as an addition to the book.
Library, Maker Space, 2016
Collaboration with Dorte Gottlieb Löfström
Commisioned by the Co-design department at KADK, this book documents about the Fixhub festival in Tingbjerg, through illustrations and writings.
You can not uninvent an invention, 2016
Collaboration with Frida Edvall
This project is about ethical and sustainable choices in a design process. It works a speculative way with Goal 16: Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions. It asks, what if descisions about policy, law and money were made by an AI that was 'completely unbiased'. What would happen if we eliminate the human factor from decision making.